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Albemarle property taxes have risen at a rate of 10% per year! This is obviously unsustainable, yet the Board of Supervisors continues their unrelenting lust for more of your hard-earned money. The county is disorganized and does not have adequate spending controls . clouds 1

The JAL held a press conference and exposed this out-of-control taxing and spending, and showed that because of increased property assessments, a rate of $0.60 (as opposed to $0.76) would yield the same tax amount to the county.

Some people (many retired and/or on fixed incomes) are forced into a situation where they must subdivide and sell a piece of their land so they can pay the fast growing, ever increasing property taxes. When this ability is taken away (as has been proposed recently), they will have no other choice but to sell the whole property (probably to developers who know how to get around the ordinances) and move out of the county. This is wrong and it must end.


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